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Vatea Flaky Skin Box


If like millions of children around the world, your child suffers from a dry skin condition, the first thing to do is stop using soap, say no to bubble bath and use a very gentle soap free, oil wash, like Vatea Soothing Oil Wash. SOOTHING OIL WASH is extremely gentle on your child and babies skin. Rather than washing away the skins valuable, natural oils, Vatéa Soothing Oil Wash will gently cleanse and add extra soothing oils to support healing and prevent dry skin. Just a few squirts are needed to offer a moisturising cleanse. This wonderful, multi purpose oil can also be used by all members of the family, for example, to remove make up or as a shaving oil for mum or dad. Apply GENTLE BABY BALM regularly throughout the day on dry flaky skin to allow healing and restoration of the skins natural PH to re-establish natural oil production. Gentle Baby Balm can also be used as nappy balm, nipple balm and as a healing balm for cuts and abrasions as it won't irritate the skin. LOVING BABY MASSAGE OIL is a beautiful treat for your child before bedtime, not only does the chamomile and lavender soothe the skin with mum or dads loving touch, it also soothes the emotions to allow a restful sleep while supporting dry skin.