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The Dictionary of Dads


A brilliant and funny debut collection of poems about more than fifty different dads, with witty illustrations. 

Look out for Big Bad Dad and Caveman Dad, laugh at Daddy Disaster and Donkey Dad, feel sorry for Faraway Dad and look forward to Homecoming Dad. Then raise a cheer for Mum-Dad! There are more than fifty different dads in The Dictionary of Dads. Find your favourite – but watch out for Exploding Dad! This is a brilliant and funny debut collection from a poet who performs his work in schools and theatres across the UK, with witty illustrations by Steve Wells.

  • Over fifty funny, poignant and heart-warming descriptions of 50 different kinds of dad, from A to Z, by a performance poet who regularly takes his work into schools 
  • Poems include themes of bullying, gender roles, separation, family values. 
  • Accompanied by witty and stylish illustrations.